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With over 6000 patient records and 10,000 patient consultations we pride ourselves on being one of the world’s most successful clinics for traditional and complementary medical treatments.

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The Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine is set amidst the flora and fauna of the Rio Formosa National Park. It opened its doors 25 years ago and has successfully been treating national and international patients during that period.

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Our Philosophy

We Diagnose What Most Doctors Don’t Treat – Because We Care

Why do we become ill? Firstly the most obvious cause is damage to the physical structure in the form of falls or injuries. This may take the form of strains, sprains or even fractures. They have a specific cause and therefore a specific treatment. However, there are other conditions, which are not so obvious. Emotional trauma/conflicts, which left unresolved, can gradually erode the tissues of the body causing changes and even pathology. Social, business or financial matters can take their toll on the body. Then there is an invisible group of enemies known as bacteria/viruses which we are told can cause disease and even death.

Following the introduction of the coronavirus disease in 2019 the whole world was brought to a standstill by  government’s that reinforced this monomorphic  concept. Suggestibility in any field of medicine limits your understanding of the condition and the action you need to take to resolve the situation.


We, at the Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine, are and have always been, thinking “out of the box”. We don’t have any organisations that controls the way we diagnose and the treatments we do. Our objective is to make the patients better, practicing medicine that is safe and well documented in peer-reviewed journals and publications. Sometimes you have to go a bit further to obtain the results you want.

To go from doctor to doctor or clinic to clinic receiving the same diagnosis and recommended treatment and still not improve would suggest you seek treatment that is tailored for your needs and not a statistical average.

We are aware that you may be disappointed with the treatment you have had up to now and you feel disillusioned with your condition and the way it is being managed. Come and talk to us before making any major decision – We Care



Choose your path

Sometimes in life you are presented with Medical Choices

This path will take you along the “vitalistic therapies” road using changes in energy movement in the body to restore health. Acupuncture, homeopathy, bioresonance and spagyric medicines fall within this group of therapies. Unfortunately in this system there is no adviser that will help you choose the best treatment for your condition.


This path will take you along the mechanistic philosophy of health and uses drugs, physical therapies and surgery usually under the direction of a medical doctor. This is virtually opposite to the “vitalistic approach” and assumes that all diseases are interferences in the normal function of cells, tissues, organs and of course, patients.

We, at the Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine, is the unifying path that offers both vitalistic and mechanical resolutions to your health problems. Reading the body’s code from both areas of health imbalance gives a better understanding of the cause of the problem and what is needed to resolve it.

When the body cries we comfort.

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Your Winning Team

Dr Barrie Oldham ND DO


Degrees in Osteopathy and Naturopathic Medicine

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Marcelo Lopes

Manipulative Therapist

Trained in Massage and Osteopathic/Manipulative Techniques

+351 936 197 304

Adriana Oldham

Medical receptionist

First point of contact to start your road back to recovery

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