Whilst wondering through the streets of New Delhi I was approached by a tailor complaining of back pain. I ended up treating him, his father, his brother and his wife.

My Background

Originally trained in Pharmacy I worked in several hospitals in the National Health Service before being introduced to a lay preacher who was, in those days, called a “bone-setter”. I saw him manipulate painful joints which I assumed, through my medical training, were inflamed and watched the patient stand and walk around free of pain. I suddenly realised that pushing hundreds of anti-inflammatory medications over the pharmacy counter was counter-productive to the patient’s recovery and decided, I too, would like to learn these manipulative techniques.

Under-Graduate Education

I started my first year of a six year course in 1987 at the COET in London studying both osteopathic and naturopathic medicine. After graduating in 1993 I co-founded, along with my wife, The Rosegarth Clinic in Mansfield, Notts. Over several years it became a multi-discipline centre which gave me the financial freedom to continue my osteopathic training in Missouri and New England in the United States. I was owner/editor of “The Osteopath”, an international UK publication in which I published several papers by Dr Stephen Typaldos, the father of Orthopathy (renamed the Fascial Distortion Model). I was the first to learn orthopathy from Dr Typaldos and travelled with him to venues in Europe lecturing and assisting the presentations.

Post-Graduate Education

After leaving the UK in 2000 I opened the first Orthopathic Medical Centre in Europe under the auspices of Dr Stephen Typaldos, an American Osteopathic Physician and founder of Orthopathic Medicine. In 2003 the Clinic moved to its much larger current location and renamed The Centre for Bio-Regulatory Medicine. From that year I traveled the world searching for answers to questions which my training didn’t provide.

I studied

  • Medical Acupuncture with Julian Kenyon Southampton UK,
    Homotoxicology in London UK,
  • Biopuncture with Dr Jan Kersscot in Boom, Belgium,
  • German New Medicine with Carolin Markolin, Austria,
  • Autonomic Response Testing and Neural Therapy with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt Seattle, USA,
  • Prolotherapy with Dr Kent L. Pomeroy, Phoenix USA,
  • Microscopy with BioMedX, Chicago,USA,
  • Neural Therapy with Dr Mathias Dosch Munich, Germany,
  • BioFaceLift with Dr Damir Shakambet, London UK.,
  • Medical Astrology and Astroherbalism with Sajah Popham, USA
  • Unani Tibb with Prof Rashid Bhikha, of the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb, who established the training of Unani-Tibb at the University of Western Cape, South Africa

I am regulated by:

  • General Council and Register of Naturopaths (UK),
  • European Fascial Distortion Model Association (EFDMA)
  • Associação E Registo Dos Osteopatas de Portugal (AROP)
  • General Osteopathic Council 1998-2017 (Resigned)

I am currently on the board of lecturers of the Academy for Homotoxicology UK, member of the International Advisory Board (Unani Medicine), Aligarh University, INDIA, a guest lecturer on Orthopathic Medicine at the Scuola Italiana di Osteopatia, Padua Italy and Principal of the Asklepion School in Athens, Greece. I also travel the world by invitation to treat patients.

My Background

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