you are in safe hands

Esoteric Osteopathy

Gentle Manipulation through Visualization and Intention

That feels so nice!

Feeling your warm hands holding my head makes me feel so happy and content about using cranial osteopathy to restore balance to my whole body.

Where has my Ovary gone?

Esoteric osteopathy can move internal organs by visualisation and intention correcting functional imbalance without drugs or surgery.

You are starting the Repair

Once a problem is viewed by an independent Observer the effects are changed forever. This is a law of Quantum Mechanics and equally applies to dysfunction of the body.

Esoteric Osteopathy uses both the vitalistic and mechanistic principles of healing

Alchemy practised without intention is simply called chemistry. An osteopath with no intention is simply a manipulative therapist. I have learned over 30 years of practice that osteopathy is more than manipulation.

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