Promoting the

Concept of Health

rather than the

Business of Disease

“To find health should be the object of the doctor. Anyone can find disease.”

– Dr A.T. Still MD DO (Founder of Osteopathy)

Innovative Structural Diagnostics

Physiological testing gives insights into possible pathological change. Using Prolotherapy and Eso-Osteopathy promotes a speedy recovery and an early return to normal function.

Traditional Western Medicine

These therapies look at addressing imbalances within the nutritional, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of the patient using Traditional Western Medicine, A.R.T., Spagyrics and Unani Tibb.

Over 40 years Experience

During the 40 years of practice we have attended and successfully treated over 10,000 patients with ages ranging from new born babies to people approaching their hundred years on the earth.

Why do patients from across the world travel to the Centre for Bioregulatory Medicine here in the Algarve for Prolotherapy treatment?


  • The injection is performed by an osteopathic physician who uses surface landmarks and tissue tension to correctly identify the damaged ligaments rather than relying on invasive imaging.
  • Special ultrafine needles are imported from Belgium to ensure that patients feel the minimal discomfort during the injection process.
  • Only the damaged area is injected keeping insertions to a minimum to maintain patient comfort.
  • Your comfort is our main priority because we care.




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To be told that long-term drug therapy and injections or even possibly surgery hold the only solution to your symptoms limits your understanding of your current problem and often prohibits you from seeking help in a different branch of medicine.

Symptoms are nature’s way of telling us that the body is in a state of dis-ease and if you read this code correctly it will tell you what you need to do to restore the body to state of ease. Simply suppressing the symptoms does not resolve the problem. If left the body will create symptoms at a deeper level thereby turning a simple physiological problem into a pathological state e.g. ligamentous strain gradually producing arthritis in the joint.


I had such severe pain in my left leg for many months. Orthopaedist told me it was sciatica and I had a trapped nerve in my spine. I had one session of prolotherapy and after three minutes the pain disappeared and I have not had it since. A miracle. Thank you.



I thought my days playing paddle tennis had finished. The doctor told me I had arthritis in my elbow would never play again. Three injections of prolotherapy to my right elbow and I was playing again in three months. Thanks Doc for all your help.



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